I’m 28!

Since yesterday, I am a twenty eight year old woman. Aigoo..should I be feeling much older than I already do? I don’t feel anything different because I have been feeling 28 for quite sometime now. Since I don’t have a career started yet, there is this fear of being unemployed or losing out on something major, when I am in my youth has increased multifold. … Continue reading I’m 28!

My relationship with my dad – The Introduction

I have been feeling a little fidgety from the morning. So I thought I will try and write on something that I consider as a pretty real and heavy stuff in my life. Hopefully this will calm my senses. Also I bought Jordan.B.Peterson’s ‘selfauthoring’ suite (https://selfauthoring.com/) months ago and I am yet to sit down and reflect about my life. Maybe I should add, the … Continue reading My relationship with my dad – The Introduction

Yet another year has gone by!

I am currently sat on the toilet (sorry for the tmi) thinking about what is wrong with my life! A question that haunts me every year as it comes to an end. Maybe that is why people celebrate all the forced festivities around this time. They can go about ignoring the dinosaur and just focus on cookies, chocolates and cakes. I, personally, am never into … Continue reading Yet another year has gone by!

Digital books and my reading habits

I used to be very good at reading without any distraction. This is some 7 years back, where I had only physical books to read with. Now I have three different applications that amplify my reading effect beyond my imagination yet I don’t read much. This is  because I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for sometime now. I used to think, unlike people … Continue reading Digital books and my reading habits