Hello everyone. Arthi and Vinay here. This blog is a platform for us to vent our daily thought process, that we don’t get to discuss with each other in depth, at times. Would love to share light hearted reviews of things we watch or share stories written by us too. Also can cover anything and everything we encounter in our life. Some things are kind of a letter to each other and we hope it will serve as a journal for us to look back in future. Some things are just for entertainment. Let us see where it takes us.

I, Arthi stay at home mostly and am preparing for a very important exam. I took like a one and half break  year to figure out where my head was at. I love to read, cook and binge watch detective series. I share a lovely home with Vinay, who supports me in everything and anything I do. Vinay is working currently in a startup and is quite content with his job. He has undying interest to do a lot of things. But his main goal is to crack UPSC exam. He is very athletic and active, unlike me.

We both love animals and hence are registered kitten/cat fosters.  We used to dog sit. But city life and our budget home doesn’t allow us to do that anymore.

We hope to share more about ourselves and our life together. Happy blogging to us and hopefully happy reading, to those, that find us!