MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) movie review

This is a movie that won’t grip you to your seat but still worth a watch for all those movie buffs out there.
In every other movie, the hero falls in love with the heroine at the first sight. But the Director, Venu, introduces some fresh change with the female lead, Sai Pallavi, proposing Nani at first sight. Just as the bottom line is the same, that the lead falls in love at first sight with the lead of the opposite sex, this sums up the kind of movie that MCA is. Though the other improvisations are not as sexier as this particular improvisation as this involves the sassiness of the female lead.
These improvisations or probably sensical direction has avoided most of the myriad flaws which can be pointed in almost every movie. However, bigger sensical flaws do remain like, the villain and four of his men could have just simply shot Bhoomika at a number of occasions and get that done with, as he was anyway ready to shoot her in public just before the intermission.
Nani and Sai Pallavi both do justice to their parts with their acting skills. Bhoomika has a lot of screen time but the character is of a single color, and Rajiv Kankala acts well for whatever miser screen time he was allotted. The competition between the protagonist and his counterpart could have been made much more pacy and lively. Vijay Verma could have won much more micro battles between him and Nani through the movie.
A final one-liner review: A few inventive add-ons for an otherwise routine family entertainer.

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