A guide to Secret Santa

Disclaimer: This blog is maintained (well, authored would a more appropriate word) by two people, because the sensitive one alone maintains the site. And this post is being written by the not-so-sensitive one of the two sensitives as given on the website name. Let the name of the website not deceive you strangers about me.

Well it has been so freaking long since I have written anything. Don’t mind my office mails. Even though that’s English language too, that doesn’t need much swag. Oh I am already using the terms meant for my main plot. This is a story about Mari and how she dealt with her Secret Santa office game and things in general.

Out of 50 people in my office, Mari’s the only one who eats alone. Once Mari realised this strange fact as an actual thought and, Oh falooda! She felt insane and coincidentally which is the same feeling she also feels during these lunch times. She is yet to make peace with it for there are normals out there who must feel freakish about this which bothers Mari in this 4 billion years old existence of matter.
Mari wouldn’t want me to continue this post in this manner for this has a bit of depressing feel to it to which Mari wouldn’t agree as this doesn’t accurately depict herself according to her. So let me skip the intro part and directly jump to the main plot where plot can take the story forward without detailed descriptions for which right now, me and Mari are not in accordance.
It is Christmas time and today is the last working day before the 25th of December. 10 days ago, Mari overheard her colleagues talking about the Secret Santa game. In this game, everyone becomes a santa of one other person and this remains a secret. Today is the last working day before the 25th, and so everyone who is participating will receive a gift from their Secret Santa and will gift someone becoming their Secret Santa. One week ago, it was Mari’s change to seize the opportunity and be who she is. The opportunity is to say “NO” to her interest in playing the game.
She didn’t feel any interest for it. It is not that she has close buddies with whom she would be excited to play this game and discuss this over her lunch times or when the boss is not around. There was nothing exciting about this. She also didn’t want to spend for something which she couldn’t feel for or relate to.
So there Mari was powering up like how goku of dragon Ball changes his energy level with aaargghhh sounding intensity. In the middle of this transition, something unexpected happened. Her colleague has given her name without consulting her. All her power up has been released like a filled balloon. Well, now Mari has thought about powering up to tell this colleague to remove her name. Or there might be another way out; Mari can change the reading of her situation without needing to address the situation head on. Mari thought of participating while also not wanting to spend time on this disinterested affair till the last moment when she is required to buy a gift. This according to Mari is a practical step which will save her from all the uncomfortable questions from her colleagues about not participating. But Mari didn’t think about this idea as an excuse, she rather thought this as the philosophy she would apply to deal with such things.
There were 7 days for the build up of the game. Considering the colleagues who sit around Mari, there was a lot of chat about the game during these days. Thanks to Mari’s decision, there were no uncomfortable questions for her. Yesterday, the night before the game, Mari spent time with her love going out and bought the gift. Spending was a concession she had to make to give a pretense of being with others through this. This didn’t bother Mari as the pros way out weighed this spending. Overall, Mari was fairly happy not having spent time over this, while also not being the odd one out and constantly worried about what others took it as. It certainly worked for now, but should this be the philosophy to be adopted by Mari for the things to come?

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