My interview experience for SBI PO post Part 3: Interview

After a ring of the bell which was rather loud and indicating the HR to send me inside, I entered the room. It was a spacious room and there were ve people who were ready to quiz me. There was a small chair which seemed even smaller in front of those big cushioned sofas the panel were comfortably sitting on. There were two people each to the right and left of my chair and one in front facing. First thing they asked me to pull the chair back as it was too close to the panel head (let me call him ‘PH’ for ease of writing) facing me. None introduced themselves but I say he was the panel head because one, he was sitting in the middle, and two and more importantly, he had the biggest sofa. Panel head right away started asking me questions about my low grades in graduation.

 Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.14.26 AM


He asked whether ‘ganja’ and ‘dharu’ were the reasons. I gave a con dent answer. Then the guy on my right asked whether my first job was through a campus placement. I gave my answer though I can’t understand what he could infer from that information anyway, when I have started working right after college. My marketing job role after college fed into their already existing opinion of graduates taking up marketing job who get bad grades. The PH said, ‘so you took up a marketing job after you didn’t get any job.’ It could very well be a question to test me too.

PH asked me whether I could save any money from my rst job. I gave my answer. Then he asked whether I had any siblings. I again gave my answer. I could have answered something which he would have liked to hear if only I had guessed his next question. His next question was how did my dad manage to pay both our fees? I can’t believe he was trying to judge me on my paying back my dad. I might totally have different principles than him and his generation.

The whole of interview was on my bio and noting on GK unlike others who went before me. Out of the other four people, two on my left asked nothing. Worse than that, they were staring blankly at me like two kids been put in a strange room full of aliens. It seemed as if the PH ordered both of them to come, in order to ll two places on the panel and so they were scared to talk in front of the PH.

Except the PH who anyway was asking everything, the lady to my right was the only one who seemed interested in what i was talking. She even asked one or two follow-up questions. Other aspect they asked was about my hobbies. I mentioned about caring for stray animals. PH and the guy to my right wanted to know breeds of cats and other similar things which had nothing to do with feeding stray cats and dogs among other things. They just tried to ask something which contain words of cats or dogs or animals, though relevant or not. I could have told them that they are different things and etc, etc. Actually telling that might have been my test, even though that was not intended.

Anyways, ideally I can’t complain as I mentioned the interests of Aarti (the one on the picture on the home page, my girl friend) as my own as I felt it was a cool thing to tell them. (Me trying to be a little self critical too here i guess)

So all this and a few other questions and answers happened within just 10 minutes. It was too short to feel happy about or show myself, be it good or bad. So that was my interview and I took leave from that SBI head office at St. Marks Road, Bangalore as soon as possible as I was eager to use my lunch coupon.

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