My interview experience for SBI PO post Part 2: GD

We were made to sit in a semicircle with each seat already assigned our numbers ‘1’ to ’10’. After the notepads and pens were supplied, two seasoned elder male persons from SBI came to oversee and evaluate our discussion. They introduced themselves saying that they had joined SBI as probationary of cers too. We were told there would be two back to back GDs which we already knew about, thanks to the rst batch which went in earlier, and which was also the rst batch of this year’s interview process. So there was obviously a sense of surprise on their faces when they were sharing their experience.

Our first GD topic was ‘how do TV reality shows destroy our childhood’. We were told it was not about taking the ‘for’ stand or ‘against’ stand regarding the topic, but it was about taking a stand for ourselves and showing leadership qualities through the discussion. Five minutes for jotting down points and an open discussion of 20 minutes started after that. There were a couple of people who couldn’t push themselves into the non-stop discussion. After a few instances of people competing with each other, all trying to let those two people talk just to score brownie points (ironically, in turn not letting them talk), the discussion nally ended. Immediately there after, we started the second round of GD. This time the theme was a little different.

Each was given a sheet of printed paper with reasons written down for the importance of getting FDI into India. There were 8 reasons in total and as a group our job was to prioritize them from 1-8. Again 5 minutes + 20 minutes style. At the end of it, we were told to tear all the papers on which we have written and also the reasons-listed sheets allowing none of those precious items leave the room. Everyone thanked those two gentlemen (hopefully they are) and left the room.

The HR guy guided us into a conference room and after half an hour came with food coupons for our lunch. They were to be redeemed at a restaurant called Madhura (as I remember) just outside the bank across the road. He however called out only a few names and told them to go have their lunch quickly while telling others to wait.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.08.50 AM

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