My interview experience for SBI PO post. Part 1: Introduction

This is actually a sort of a reblog. We used to write in a different domain before. I went for this interview over a year ago and I just wanted to keep the memory of it. This is the first one of a three part series.

September 2016, Bengaluru. 

Before directly going to the point of interview, i’ll mention the events that happened on that particular day on 2nd of September at SBI head office, in St. Marks road, Bangalore. I reached much ahead of my scheduled time only to nd out people were in fact asked to come early. So that means most of other people of 10:00 am batch have reached by then. Going through their Delhi Metro style security check at the entrance of the building, I was led to their dining cum waiting room for us. I asked the main HR guy overseeing this process to guide me to the bathroom. Strange fellow, he advised me to rst have my breakfast and then only go for my bathroom chores. Whatever that was, moving on, there was modest breakfast which had boring upma and vada to go with coconut chutney. It took another re ll of my plate and an extra cup of tea to stop feeling sounds from my stomach.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.57.57 AM.png

One task was done, of having breakfast. Then there was a more important one to do. I took out my 70 odd pages of xeroxed documents and had to staple them appropriately and also put my left hand thumb impression (at spaces provided in my documents). To my surprise, everyone else was ready with all of it. It was an excruciatingly difficult task for me to get together all the documents needed, gazetted signatures and particularly original documents. Much of it for personal reasons and make for a whole another thriller style blog post. So all those stories not for now. However, I don’t see the point of getting signatures of gazetted officer. I got it done from X mentioning that it had known me for past Y years while I have never even seen that person before. This process is totally stupid because someone with relevant contacts or money could get things done without much issue. More importantly, what’s the point of a random person certifying our character who doesn’t even know us. Stories of others are not much appreciable too. Their dads, uncles or moms get those done from some contact of theirs without much trouble for their cute babies who have come to the interview.

Moving on, exactly at 10:00 am, they started calling one by one for biometric identification and subsequent document verification. My number was ‘1’ and there were people numbered to ’10’ in the 10:00 am batch. There were at least two other batches on that day at 8:00 am and 12:00 pm which I know of. Contrary to my fears, I didn’t miss any document or signature and everything was smooth. Once everyone’s document verification was done, it was time for GD. To be continued….

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