Animals in our life – Episode 2: Meet Lollipop

August 2016,

in continuation of the ‘ first episode: meet Borewell’

I mentioned Lollipop in passing in the previous episode. He is still a puppy and must be around 5 or 6 months old. We first saw him in the park nearby. He is like the poster child of an Indian street dog, light brown in colour and slightly thin. I won’t say innocence is cute but there he was with those innocent looking eyes was looking very cute. He was a little doubtful of approaching humans. I think the reason being that some moron somewhere has hit his leg. He was limping a little.

I knew things were not smooth. Me and Aarti heard the two women, one our landlord and the other our neighbour, complaining about Borewell. Rivalling the stupidity of the great Indian TV serials they watch with their husbands, these two housewives who were normally nice started talking bad on our backs and directing anger at an innocent stray dog. What brought things to this turn?

After we saw Lollipop for the first time, Aarti implored we get the vet there. We went and asked the doctor whether he could come and take a look at him. As expected he was not eager to help but he did guide us to a lady called Vijaya in our locality who rescues dogs and cats and takes care of them. We immediately took this to her notice and we all went in search of him in vain. The same night, me and Aarti went again and found her. We called Vijaya and she then sent her aid/driver to catch Lollipop. Wish he didn’t then shrug if off as just a small sprain.

After overhearing those two ladies we decided we need to talk to them. So that night, I went to our landlords who stay upstairs. They were talking gentle but closed their ears to everything I had to say. They had an opinion and that’s it, end of the story. They were not trying to listen. So the issue was Borewell sleeping inside the compound of this house. After we started feeding Borewell, he has started coming and sleeping in the compound at night. It was easy for him to come, the compound wall is too small for even a 5 year old to climb. They were worried he will bite their kids who are twice the age this dog can ever live. I told about Borewell’s personality. No, it didn’t help. They were worried about neighbours complaining. I told about stray dog’s life in the streets. No, didn’t help again. They were worried about Borewell making house dirty. I told them that all he does is just sleep for sometime and go away. Nope, didn’t help either. After sometime, I just got up and walked out telling they were not trying to understand. Trying to show my ego and behaving as if I knew things better, I unknowingly made them take off their mask of gentleness they were wearing. They were about to become rude and prove their moral superiority and ego with assertiveness.

I saw Lollipop a few times during the next few days. He was still limping and his injury looked a bit worse too. I was not serious, and had let that like that. We didn’t go to that park for sometime and after a few days, saw Lollipop only to see that his leg was fucked. It was like a big lollipop, with the stick of the lollipop being a little fat too. And he also became too doubtful of humans. He wouldn’t let us come close at all. Vijaya too told we couldn’t catch him until he is friendly.

Lollipop, with her swollen leg.

To be continued…



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