Animals in our life – Episode 1: Meet Borewell

This series will include all the animals that we came across and how they touched our lives. In India you will find a lot of  stray dogs and cats that need love and affection. We don’t do much but yes we take care of them in our own ways. So I will try and bring to you such stories.

August 2016,
Banashankari, Bengaluru

Yayy! It’s sunday, and it’s chicken time. Borewell, Lollipop, ‘mamma dog'(meaning ‘mom dog’) and blackie they are all going to be so excited. We don’t feed them a lot but when it’s chicken, it feels more like giving them ‘prasad’ in a Hindu temple.

Let me introduce Blackie. Well, he is Blackie because he is black in colour, duh. He is young, probably just less an year. Every time he sees me in his street, funny fellow jumps around here and there with excitement. His little marble like eyes become so full. They scream out love for me and wanting to cuddle. I just wish he gets that sweet human love from somewhere as I’m not in a position to give that. To make matters worse, I even have to chase him every time when he follows me with his little tail wagging and him jumping around with joy as usual. But if I don’t, lollipop won’t get cured.

It is 23:30 and I need to get going. Oh no, Borewell is sleeping in our compound. Instead of he and me lovingly running after each other and trying to catch one another, now i’m being forced to chase him away. My hardened heart!

Borewell is the first street dog whom we started feeding when we moved in to this home. Now we are feeding boiled rice with eggs or chicken, but we started with parle g biscuits. It used to be funny the way every time he eats the biscuits till he was full and just runs away like he has just run past me without anything happening. The one who means only business :p How he has changed now! Now he has become emotionally connected with us and always runs to me wagging his tail whenever he sees me. And also, always trying to put his legs which daily walk in one of the dirtiest garbages on my shirt, though unsuccessfully. By the way, we put him the name Borewell because he used to used sleep in front of the house which was getting a borewell constructed then. How rugged and lifeless he used to look sleeping under sun. He used to look dry! Now he looks active and more lifelike, and making any dog lie on its back whoever comes into his territory.

We selected this time of 23:30 to feed because there won’t be many humans to deal with at this time of the night, especially our owners and immediate neighbours. Chicken is prohibited in this home but not for reasons that are nice, like not being cruel towards animals or veganism, etc. They are for stupid reasons like Brahminism and tradition, which are as bad as spoiled raw chicken!

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