I got to stop binging!

This break year and a half has made me binge watch a lot of mind-numbing stuff online. It ranges from a daily vlog on youtube to shitty movies and series on Netflix. I got to stop before it is too late. I sometimes feel like I have lost control and that I have an addiction problem. But whenever I visited my parents or travelled somewhere,  I was least bothered about all those and I forget to even check my phone. So I guess I could check off addiction from the list and work on changing my habits, although, it does sound like getting over an addiction.

Finding the next best thing was the way to get over things for me all these years, but I don’t know anymore.  This has got to do with my depression partly but mostly because I lack a philosophy to my life. One major problem with a lack of P to my life is that I no longer believe or do things that makes me productive. You can call me nihilistic but I am not. Maybe a nihilist in denial. Does that count as an issue too? Whatever. So I no longer do mundane things in a mundane way. I don’t work at a table. All day long I lounge in my bed. I don’t drink or eat snack at regular intervals and at the end of the day I binge altogether on high fat junk foods. You know about my showering problem already. There is that. Basically, I do not plan my day and I let the world consume me. When I finally feel very bad about being an unproductive, fat food and toxic media consuming junkie, I come here and right a blog. Yes, I regret to inform you, that you consume my mental excretion. I am so sorry about that.

Now how do I go about getting my mind to where it should be? I am all set to try ColdTurkeyBlocker and Pomodoro for now. But like I said, it is not an addiction issue. So I should eventually work on my own P for life. So I am going to include binge watching of Alain de Botton and Jordan B. Peterson videos as the main recourse. Yup. Binge watching better things is going to help me get over binge watching bad things. Maybe.

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