My showering problem.

This might seem like TMI but I always worry about this particular thing in my life. By thing, I mean, the number of times I shower. Till the time I lived with my parents, I was used to taking bath regularly, though, I have been without bathing for a few days together, maybe couple of times in the 21 years I have been living with them (that is assuming they bathed me every day when I was a kid). But since the time I moved out, it has become a whole different story. I rarely take bath every single day. My frequency has come down to twice a week  if I stink a lot but mostly it is once a week. The change in habit depends on a lot of factors I suppose. One, I am not physically that active. I have become a lazy person. Two, I don’t have the judgmental parents looking out for me and finally, my boyfriend is just like me! So no peer pressure.

I was never really worried about it but then I started meeting other people who shower every single day. I started seeing this problem of over cleanliness with women surrounding me. I used to have a room mate who showered twice every single day be it 44 degree celsius or the sub-zero temperatures. My laziest friend did it every day. My parents never missed a day. My sibling does it. His entire family take it seriously. So just yesterday I was giving myself a pep talk about taking bath at least 4 times a week.

But the video that triggered me to write this post is about how much showering is ideal (What Would Happen If You Never Showered?). Knowing that twice a week is enough has hugely relieved me of the pressure and I ain’t going to worry anymore. Maybe I should start advocating to people around me.

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