What I felt after watching Kangana Ranaut’s interview.

I watched Kangana Ranaut’s recent interviews, that are happening during her promotion for her upcoming flick. I got to say, I do like her intellect and nerve to speak about topics that no other actress/actor bother to talk about. Be it her open dialect with journalist about her personal life or calling out bullshit on her colleagues, she is very interesting and she has a ethicality about it. She doesn’t go about random name calling or gossiping. She gets straight to the point. I loved that she takes life for it is and does not create a illusion that she is always right. She owns up to her mistakes and takes it as part of her life, which each and every one of us do already, but when it comes to celebrities in India, especially women, we expect them to not do any mistakes at all.

Halfway through the interview, I could already feel that there will be headlines relating her stances to feminism and it did happen. This is a common problem I see everywhere now. Why is there a need to relate famous women’s every activity to feminism? It is high time feminist blogs and websites in India let Indian women think on their own to form opinions based on literature and facts and not on ‘pop culture’. Take a break and give them better topics to read on.

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