Digital books and my reading habits

I used to be very good at reading without any distraction. This is some 7 years back, where I had only physical books to read with. Now I have three different applications that amplify my reading effect beyond my imagination yet I don’t read much. This is  because I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for sometime now. I used to think, unlike people who prefer physical books, I had no preferences. But every time I get distracted and wander off somewhere I am bound to think that maybe digital books are a reason and maybe I do prefer physical ones. With digital, I tend to open other applications or get into mind numbing facebook/twitter scrolling.

This last week has been different though. I have been listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson lectures and trying to sort myself. So I have been feeling good and I found its reflection on my reading habits as well. My distraction has come down a lot and I have come to conclude that digital books are equally good as physical ones, if I am in the mood and right head space.

I have an unlimited subscription on amazon kindle, I have bought a few on juggernaut and of course got few on iBooks. Soon I will write a comparison on these varied platforms and also how digital books have changed writing/reading as an art.

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