Why I don’t use Airbnb in India anymore!

Airbnb was one cool platform that I was looking forward to come to India. I hate hotel stays. Mostly because of safety issues that arise out of the unwritten rule about how “unmarried couples” not allowed to stay. Yes, you heard it right. I do travel with my boyfriend and I, like every other citizen of this nation would like to stay in a budget hotel without being questioned about my marital status. It’s a discrimination and it hurts my freedom to move around peacefully. So when airbnb finally arrived I was very happy that I will no longer be needed to go through the ridiculous procedures.

My first experience with airbnb was a pleasant one. I stayed with my entire family. So no issues there in terms of moral policing. But I did find things like check-in timings, improper functioning of certain amenities, the interaction with the owner etc to be a little uncomfortable. I ignored them because it is a valuable experience and I didn’t want it ruined because of minor issues. The next time I tried, it was the most annoying thing as all my memories related to hotel stays flooded and the moronic host was judging me for not being married. I had placed a request and he asked who is accompanying me. I gave a truthful answer and he didn’t even take time to ignore the request. He left me on hold for the whole 24 hours and then I couldn’t find any other decent places in my budget. So naturally, I dropped in a message saying, if he is not willing to accept, he could have let me know. He was rude in his replies too and I reported to airbnb. They naturally did not bother to look into it. I deleted my account and pledged not to use the platform again.

Things that irritated me were – the host did seem to accommodate foreign couples based on photos and no where in his rules, did he mention that he does not host unmarried couples. He projected himself as open-minded yet he wasn’t. I went through a lot of homes and based on house rules I was left with limited options already and he ruined it for me. Airbnb did not seem to bother too.

Airbnb hosts reflect the microcosm that still are not willing to accept the changing nature of this country and are still very judgmental. Making money seems to be their only motive. So I chose not to give my money to those with undeserving attitudes.

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